Tackle Talk
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Gummi Maks 10/0 or 12/0 .


Keep tackle simple but strong. Don't bring light tackle unless you are prepared to watch it break under the strain of playing large fish in deep water.

Rod 50+lb class ( Not Penn Rampage we had 4 smashed last year )

Reel a good heavy duty Multiplier reel Two speed rated to take on the big stuff ( 6/0 size )

Line 60-80lb

Weight / Pirks upto 1kg ( For sale on boat )

Hooks 10/0 - 12/0

NO TREBLE HOOKS allowed on boat

120-150lb trace line

Gummy Maks two hook traces ( For sale on boat ) extremely strong. Dont Buy Cheap Ones They Just Smash

Muppets Large 8”

Large Weighted Shads (Savage are excellent)

Really Heavy Duty Swivels

Tackle Box - small as space is a premium and large boxes are not needed as tackle is simple.

If you wish to light tackle fish think seriously about the number of anglers on the boat.

8 x 30lb Coalies can knit a jumper in two minutes on light line LOL !!!!

Gummi Maks 10/0 or 12/0  & Savage Shad 10”.